About us

The idea for production of mechanical demining machines

Macrohard company was founded in 1996. The company has started to produce mechanical demining machines in 2005. Due to the well known problem of mine contamination in Bosnia and Herzegovina there was a need for utilization of mechanical demining machines as the most efficient means for clearance of mined areas. Several different machines were used before. Some of them were inefficient and could not meet the requirements of the standard while some that were effective had unacceptably high price. So it became necessary to produce mechanical demining machines which would work effectively and meet the international demining standards at a reasonable cost. In order to meet this requirement, Macrohard Mechanic company is reinforced with a group of military mechanical engineers who have decades of experience in design, use and maintenance of similar machines as well as in the process of humanitarian demining.

Mechanical machines designing

Prior to designing, the team has first well-studied requirements of international and BiH standards for utilization of machines in humanitarian demining. Then he polled the largest number of companies that were using different mechanical machines for demining in BiH in order to collect positive and negative experiences in utilization of machines and their proposals in terms of characteristics which would make machines better. He then analyzed structural solutions of all available mechanical demining machines and also analyzed test results of the mechanical machines made by official BiH institutions. The team has done all of this in order to incorporate good solutions into his own machine and avoid bad ones.

Mechanical machines production

After collecting and analyzing of all above mentioned information, it was designed and manufactured the machine MH-05. So far it has been produced eight MH-05 mechanical demining machines. Since this is a special-purpose machine - humanitarian demining, there are only few companies in the world that can boast of this number of machines of the same model and especially in the middleweight division machine (10 to 20 tons). Key subcontractors for manufacture and testing of newly designed components and assemblies for MH-05 machine are companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina who were engaged in manufacture of military equipment parts in former Yugoslavia (for example: Special-purpose motor factory Pale, Technical overhaul Bratunac). Finished generating sets built into MH-05 machines are purchased from reputable world manufacturers (for example parts of the hydraulic system are from Sauer Danfoss company). Final installation of MH-05 machines has been done in Macrohard Mechanic workshop. Every machine is subject to testing on the concrete runway for about 10 hours and testing at the test site that simulates demining operations in 20 hours duration.

Selling machines for BiH

The first two machines are sold through an international tender funded by European Commission for two demining organizations from BiH.
Two machines are sold through an international tender issued by UNDP for humanitarian demining teams of BiH Armed Forces.

Renting own machine and feedback

One machine is owned by Macrohard Mechanic manufacturer and is being rented to demining organizations in BiH who do not have their own machines but have a need for them. Macrohard Mechanic rents this machine along with its own team to handle a machine, providing procurement of all operating means, consumables and spare parts, servicing and maintenance on all levels. In this way, using its own machinery and its own staff, the manufacturer has the best feedback on all aspects of machine utilization and maintenance. Such experiences are used for a number of improvements in machine construction as well as in supporting the development of technical documentation in process of machines maintenance and procurement of consumables and spare parts.

Selling machines for Sudan

Three machines are sold to National Mine Action Centre in Sudan. The first of them has already received accreditation by UN Mine Action Center and during the work in process of obtaining accreditation it showed excellent results. Soon it is expected commissioning of the two remaining machines in Sudan and contracting logistics package necessary for effective use of these machines.

Machines manufactured for the purpose of humanitarian demining operations in Sudan have been modified in relation to the machines used in BiH. The modification is mainly related to increasing the efficiency of cooling systems so the machines can be used in conditions of high temperatures.

Improvements of machines from other manufacturers

In addition to manufacturing its own machinery, Macrohard Mechanic company successfully dealt with the reconstruction, improvement and maintenance of demining machines by other manufacturers, as well as producing spare parts for such machines.


Bearing in mind the capacities of Macrohard Mechanic company reflected in the following:
• an experienced team for designing of demining machines
• functioning system for machines manufacture
• High quality product - a proven machine for demining MH-05
• quality technical documentation and well organized system for training staff to use and maintain machines MH-05
• an experienced team of operators to use the machines in humanitarian demining operations
• experienced team to maintain the machinery at all levels of maintenance
• capacities for procurement of spare parts and consumables can be concluded that this company is an ideal partner for anyone who wants to deal with humanitarian demining with the use of demining machines.