Technical description of MH-05 machine

Armoured body and running part


To armoured body are attached elements of running part, cabin and a mechanism for carrying the work tools. Armoured body is composed of armour plates welded together.

Armoured body is made of armour metal plates of the following thickness:

Front lower plate 20 mm
Front upper plate 20 mm
Side plates 10 mm
Back plate 10 mm
Lower front plate 10 mm
Lower back plate 5 mm

Upper part of the armoured body is covered with corrugated metal covers, thickness of 3.5 mm.

At the top of the vehicle are openings for air circulation, for the engine's intake and passage through the water cooler, engine oil and hydraulic oil.

On the back panel of the armoured body is door for access to certain parts of equipment inside the vehicle.


Power part

Powerplant consists of engine, multiplicator, gear lever, oil and water coolers, fan,generator, starter. V55 engine whose original version gives a power of 426 kW at 2000 min -1, for this purpose is set to provide 300 kW at 1800 min -1. This motor is designed to work in extremely difficult terrain conditions (dust) and as such has the advantage compared to engines designed for road vehicles. The engine has enough power for the efficient tools performance and simultaneous starting the vehicle. There is also a reserve power of 126 kW, which can subsequently be activated on the tool when needed.


Vehicle drive

Vehicle drive is generated by two closed hydraulic drives. Each of them consists of axial piston hydropump with variable working capacity and two speed radial piston engine with integrated brake. In this way it enables a continuous speed regulation of 0 - 6 km / h, vehicle control, braking and reversing.


Tool drive

Tool drive is accomplished by using a hydraulic drive which consists of axial piston pump with varible working capacity and two axial piston engines, two mechanical gear reducers and two chain transfers. In this way it enables regulation of working tools turnover in range of 0 - 550 rpb for flail and 0 - 400 rpm for tiller and power transfer up to 240 kW on working tool, which is enough for successful treatment of the land.


Working tools

Interchangeable working tools - flail and tiller. Working depth is regulated by raising and lowering the tool to desired depth using two hydrocylinders and leaning on the skates with adjustable depth. The working tools have ability to rotate around the longitudinal axis of the vehicle for adjusting to inclinations and uneven terrain.



Working width of the tool is 3 m. The number of chains with weights is 72. The distance between adjacent chains is 41 mm. Weight is in the form of "mushroom" with 60 mm diameter and weight of approximately 700 gr. Diameter of flail is 1.3 m.


Working width of the tool is 3.06 m. The number of cogs is 72. The distance between axes of adjacent cogs is 46 mm. Tiller's cog is made of hard metal, resistant to abrasion and impact. Tiller diameter of 0.8 m.



Driving control comes directly from the cabin. The cabin is located on the front top of the vehicle. It is made of armour plate 13 mm thick, with 4 windows protected by bullet-proof glass 46 mm thick. The cabin has two doors in case of machine's rollover on the side.

Complete machine is controlled using only one stick (joystick) which is a great relief for operater compared to previous machines.

For better operator's visibility, the cabin is raised and placed on the top of the vehicle. There are four bullet-proof glasses in the cabin and in this way the operator can monitor situation on the ground very well. Furthermore, the rise of the cabin physically moves operator away from the machine's floor and in that way contributes to his safety.


In case this is necessary, due to market or technological reasons, the manufacturer reserves the right to change certain characteristics given in the technical description and basic technical data, but in a way that functionality and reliability of the machine is not reduced.