Description of MH-BAGGER machine

MH-BAGGER demining machines is built based on standard backhoe bagger RD G-1000.

Basic modifications to the excavator are:

• A new type of tiller working tool,
• Built in additional diesel engine to drive the tools,
• Built in a system for hydraulic power transmission from diesel engine to working tools,
• The existing cabin replaced by a new armoured cabin with necessary controls for driving machine.

The tiller is mounted on 10 m extended excavator arm. The tiller is mounted on excavator's bucket place with possibility of rotation around vertical axis so the tiller can be placed in any position in relation to the excavator. Complete platform with a cabin and an arm carrying the tools has ability to spin 360 °. Because this method of construction, the machine is suitable for tiller's work on flat surfaces but also for work on embankments, canals, river banks. The machine can also be successfully used in demining operations with different standard excavator buckets to remove debris and other waste, demolition of devastated buildings, removal of river sediment, etc.

Machine operates on the principle of rotating tiller blades with speed of 200-800 rpm. Speed of machine movement can be adjusted during operation from 0 to 2.4 km / h, while rotation of the platform with arm can be adjusted from 0 to 8.5 rpm, depending on soil composition, hardness and vegetation. By adjusting the speed of the machine or the speed of moving excavator's arm and number of tiller spins, maximum of the quality work is being reached and during this work will be affected and disabled (activated or broken) all mines in the depth of treatment. The size and layout of the tiller blades provide activation and breaking of even the smallest mines , considering that there is a working flap of the ground operation between adjacent tiller blades.

The machine is designed to successfully remove the vegetation (low, medium and high) and remove by activating or breaking antipersonnel mines. Depending on the category and moisture of soil, the machine will be used for non-standard ground disturbance to a depth of 1-10 cm and standard disturbance to a depth of 10 cm or more. In this way the machine will meet the requirements of Standards of BiH in terms of standard ground disturbance (at least 10 cm in depth and in pieces not larger than 5cm in diameter), which has to be achieved in technical survey. Driving control comes directly from the cabin and one person operates with machine.

Basic parts of machine:

• Chassis with undercarriage,
• Turntable platform with engines, hydraulic and related systems,
• Armoured operator's cabin with the controls – on the turntable platform,
• Excavator arm as a tool carrier – on the turntable platform,
• Working tools – tiller.